Sessions at CODATA 2017

Sessions at CODATA 2017 will be 90 minutes long.  Session proposals may be structured around the presentation of papers or they may be conceived as agenda-setting policy and strategy discussions featuring more interaction or a panel session.

Sessions structured around the presentation of papers may include research papers, practice papers and reports, lightning talks, or a combination of these.  When submitting your session proposal you should select the session type from menu, but please also provide a clear description of the approach you want to take.  

Discussion and audience participation is important at CODATA 2017.  Therefore, session proposals should sufficient time for interaction and discussion.  Research paper sessions should feature no more than four papers.  Sessions structured around shorter practice papers, posters or ‘provocations’ and panel debate may include more speakers, but should include enough time for interaction and discussion.

Research Papers

Sessions structured around the presentation of quality, peer-reviewed research papers on the major themes of CODATA 2017. Research papers must describe the outcomes and application of unpublished original research. These should make a substantial contribution to knowledge and understanding in the subject matter.

Practice Papers

Sessions structured around practice papers may include reports from significant projects, institutions or groups working on important data issues. Such reports might not include original research, as such, but give a significant and interesting insight into issues of importance to data practitioners of various types (researchers, data scientists, data curators, data managers, database designers etc).

Lightning Talks

Sessions may also feature a series of very short presentations or posters (2-5 minutes) and then general interaction (on the model of pecha kucha or the EGU’s PICO sessions).  Lightning talks should be a feature of the session designed to get people thinking and the emphasis should be on discussion.

Mixed Paper Session

Sessions explicitly seeking to have a mix of research and practice papers.

Panel Discussion

Sessions which place the emphasis on a panel-led agenda-setting policy and strategy discussions.   Participants may submit proposals for sessions which aim to stimulate discussion and debate on topics and controversies of interest to the community. Such sessions may feature short presentations, perhaps as statements of a position, but they should seek to cultivate discussion around important issues.


None Of The Above.  If you have an idea for an innovative session format, that does not fit these descriptions, please use this category and tell us how you plan to organise it.