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CODATA organises international scientific conferences that address issues relating to data in all field of research. The scope of CODATA Conferences cover policy matters and the place of data in the scientific endeavour and scholarly communications; the opportunities of the data revolution for the global research enterprise; innovations in data science and data stewardship; and the challenge of developing a sustainable data ecosystem, including the role of education and capacity building.

CODATA has organised a biennial conference since 1968. In 2014 this was organised in partnership with the ICSU World Data System as SciDataCon 2014 and two years later SciDataCon 2016 was organised as part of International Data Week

From 2017 onwards, CODATA intends to organise a CODATA Conference in ‘odd’ years and collaborate on SciDataCon and International Data Week in ‘even’ years.

The first in the new series of CODATA Conferences, is CODATA 2017 'Global Challenges and Data-Driven Science’ which will take place in Saint Petersburg, Russia on 8-13 October 2017: to submit sessions or papers go to; for information and registration go to

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Göttingen-CODATA Symposium: The critical role of university RDM infrastructure in transforming data to knowledge 2018

Göttingen, Germany

All over the world universities and libraries have started the task of developing research data services. Ideally such initiatives aim to result in a complete service portfolio covering the entire research lifecycle: support in writing proposals and data management plans, repository infrastructures for the storage of data, support in publishing data, assignment of persistent identifiers, lecturing in data management, etc. This broad scope means that such services are often seen as requiring a joint effort from from university, library, IT centre, faculties and other stakeholders.

Nowhere in the world has such a complete support scenario been perfected. It is timely for actors in the various dimensions of such initiatives internationally to share their practical experiences, research and insights.

The symposium on 'the critical role of university RDM infrastructure in transforming data to knowledge', Göttingen, Germany, 18-20 March 2018, will address these issues.  The event will comprise invited keynotes, research papers, practice papers and lightning talks from organisations that have started to offer such services in whole or in part on their campus. The symposium will provide a forum for universities and libraries to share their experiences and to learn from each other.  

The symposium is organised by the University of Göttingen, in partnership with CODATA and as a precursor event to the RDA plenary meeting in Berlin on 21-23 March 2018.

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